European Style Bike Console Display Table

To decorate your interior in a very original way, this console retro and industrial style are composed of a leg and a tray in light grey metal old and a complete bicycle frame, with tray, chain, gears, rims, tires, brakes, as decoration. This bike is a real bicycle, having been previously used, recycled as a decorative element in this very original piece of furniture. These are bicycles that have been used for many years in India, so each piece is unique and bears the marks of the life that has been his in this country. This console can be used as such in a suitable environment or as store layout elements or showcase for a striking effect. The furniture is delivered mounted, by the carrier, vertically on a European pallet.

Dimensions: Length: 1.88 meters; Height: 90 cm; Depth: 38 cm;

Materials: metal.