Fir & Plywood 4 Drawer Wooden Blue Chest Of Drawers

4 Drawer Wooden Blue Chest Of Drawers

Made from Fir &ply wood, this large substantial 4 drawer chest of drawers has a distressed finish

Partly painted in a cream limed effect and partly painted with blue paint

The top drawer is a lot less deep and only has two handles, whereas the bottom 3 drawers have 4 handles to make the item look like there are more drawers

This unique piece of furniture would look lovely in any bedroom and is ready for you to put your own stamp on it

This is a 4 Drawer Chest Of Drawers that is a substantial piece of natural wooden furniture, which has been washed with cream and with blue paints.  The overall is limed to create an aged effect.  From a distance, it looks as though there are 7 drawers but the top one is more shallow than the other 3, and it carries 2 cup handles, whereas the deeper ones have 4 cup handles each.  The overall shape is simple and rustic and its measurements are 100 cm x 90 cm x 45 cm (width x height x depth).