Wooden Decorative antique Design Easel - Large

Are you a budding Picasso, or fancy yourself as the next Frida Kahlo? Well then, this beautiful artist's easel is surely the item for you.

Not only functional but also a lovely decorative piece to display your favourite work of art around your home. Easels are also becoming more and more popular as a piece of furniture in many businesses as a way to display menus or graphic marketing; the possibilities with this old boy are endless.

With obvious signs of wear, including, scuffs, marks, scratching and paint splashes, this Reeves & Sons easel measures approximately 143cm at it's tallest, 60cm at its widest with a canvas shelf depth of 68cm deep. It's also worth noting the legs are not height adjustable.

H: 143cm W: 60cm D: 68cm