Beautiful Garden Decorative Herb Sign Mint Ornate

Organise your vegetable plot or allotment with these lovely hand painted metal veg stakes. Traditional in style they'll ensure there's no mix up when you're planting in the spring!

They are hand painted mostly in dark green and white with each vegetable having its own detailing, they all have a vintage look and feel, see photos for examples.

This herb marker stake is no exception. This is AWESOME!! Each marker has an incredible embossed detail of the variety of herb, its name in block letters under the picture and a lovely raised block edge that outlines the entire marker face. The beautiful rustic colour will add a sense of distinction to your wonderful aromatic herbals! What a beautiful way to draw attention to your outdoor herb garden, the potted herbs on your patio or your indoor windowsill herbs. I'm sure, where ever you choose to put these beautiful herb marker plant picks, you will get lots of compliments

Measuring Approximately: 

H: 28cm W: 7cm D: 1cm