Indian Style Outdoor Rustic Look Kadai With Stand

Each pack contains 5 different sizes of kadai. The kadai sizes range from 30-40 cms Diameter and 20-30 cms height. These are old original items so no one will be the same.

The Kadhai dish is traditionally used in Indian restaurants, serving as a cooking or serving dish and is in the form of a large, deep, semi-spherical container with two large grab handles. The Kadhai is accompanied by its metal stand on legs, circular. This traditional Indian work has been used for centuries, especially during festive events such as weddings, festivals and street celebrations. The Kadhai or Kadai is made from thick metal plates hand-made and riveted using old tools. The circular metal stand traditionally makes it possible to light a fire under the Kadhai to cook food and especially curry dishes. Kadhai is in a way the ancestor of our barbecues and comes in the form of batteries of models of different sizes. The five models we offer are "original" and thus different from each other, with traces of wear, oxidation, ageing, making exotic and authentic decorative objects. Their decorative vocation leads them to be naturally diverted as to their use, you will do so, as evidenced by the photos we present, a traditional barbecue, an original planter, an ice bucket and bottles for the outside, etc. . Dimensions: Diameters: from 30 to 40 cm; Heights: from 20 to 30 cm; These are original dishes so everyone is different.