Stone Carved Beautiful Statue of Lady With Flowers

Will look fantastic in a conservatory or reception area as well as the garden.

At 163 cms tall, she may not be as tall as our Jug Girl ornament, but she makes up for it with beautiful detail - her robes, in particular, look wonderful.

Superbly cast - facial features, and the details of the harp are exceptionally represented. 

Beware of cheaper, soft copies that lack this detail.

A most gracious figure, adding a classical touch to any environment - you will certainly not be disappointed.

SOLID & HEAVY - just how quality garden statues should be, this weighs over 100 kg

As with all of our statues this is:

  • PROFESSIONALLY MADE - exactly as supplied to Garden Centres
  • WEATHERPROOF - can be left out all year round
  • FULLY CAST - reconstituted stone / concrete
  • SOLID - not hollow or plastic
  • BRITISH MADE - not a cheap import
  • BRAND NEW - but "aged" to look old
  • HAND FINISHED - to ensure quality 

H: 163cm W: 43cm D: 30cm