Gorgeous Rustic Rectangular Beautiful Mirror

Beautiful, Rustic Style Wall Mirror. Made from wood, this is a gorgeous rustic style Rectangular Mirror with a distressed finish, it is versatile to match any decor scheme.

Mirrors are an incredible way of enhancing a space, be it at home or in a business space but it's important to choose the right mirror for your needs.

Mirrors are a welcome addition to any space and can often be the finishing touch that a room needs. Whether you opt for an oversized mirror – perfect for dramatic effect, or group several smaller styles together, they're a great way to balance space and bring attention to your beautifully adorned walls.

As well as providing a finishing touch, a well-placed mirror will enhance the available natural light, not only brightening a room but also creating the illusion of more space.

Top tip: Place your mirror where it'll catch the most daylight, opposite a window or below a skylight.

H: 95cm W: 64cm D: 10cm