Indian Real Original Wooden Claimed Pillar Base Candle Holder

These old original pillar bases originate from India and have been modified to use as a candle holder. Each piece is individually unique as they have been reclaimed. Due to these items being original imperfections may occur. Size, shape and colour will vary. Hand carved from wood.

This charming item is a hand-carved wooden pillar base, in turn this has been re-purposed as a candle holder. 
This old original pillar base originates from India and as it has been reclaimed original imperfections will occur.
The item itself is carved to the front face and has some traces of original blue paint. 
I am unsure what type of wood it is made from but it is very heavy so I would assume it is a hardwood. 
The holder comes with two spikes for holding the candles in place. 

H: 23cm W: 35cm D: 16cm