Victorian Style Stainless Steel Ornate Lamp Top

Stainless Steel Lamp Post Top in a Victorian style. This outdoor lighting garden ornament can be used on many different types of cast iron posts, brackets or pillar bases. Ideal as a garden feature, this garden light item comes complete with a light reflector and a glass and just needs electric fitting.

Made from STAINLESS STEEL and with the base made from steel,  this lantern has easy access for maintenance and wiring.

This outside light lamp post top is perfect to give a vintage design to your house, outdoor space and wall. Matched to one of our ornate retro style lamp posts, this eye-catching piece of garden lighting will gracefully embellish any place with a unique and high-quality aged look (home, restaurants, bars, salons, boutiques, etc.).

Dimensions (approx): Height 88cm x Depth 38cm x Width 38cm at the Widest Point

Max Size of the post fitting (Spigot): 80mm tight size.
You can go smaller with the Bolts Provided.